Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Note to SSPX bishops...

I'm told you men are readers. We've met as I used to attend Winona ordinations under the big top in the nineties.

Just a quick note: stop granting interviews. Be prudent. Be street smart. In the old days bishops never granted interviews to secular media outlets. Even if they offer to pay, turn them down. Look to your own Catholic press or consider the written press release statement and stop.


Anonymous said...

Wise advice!

Anonymous said...

Good advise to Bishop Williamson.

Anonymous said...

Pungent remarks was always Williamson's way.

Williamson does not like to be countermanded and those who know him know that. Free reign and not to be overruled is his way. This is how schismatics act in the history of the church.

SSPX dont seem to get the intangibles (the good will of the Pope). Now can they give a little? Let's see. Or will they risk people not giving them any more money?

Pope goes out on the line for somebody and they undercut him with odd statements. Some have no tact but lets see if they strike out this time, again.