Saturday, March 07, 2009

From Milan: the Ambrosian rite...

Is your call to be ordained for the See of Milan and to celebrate the old Missale Ambrosianum?


Anonymous said...

How can I be ordained for an Italian diocese? Is it a difficult process and do I have to already speak Italian? I have always wanted to be a priest for the Diocese of Rome but have not known how to go about it.

JPSonnen said...

Learn Italian and then write a bishop.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be Ordained a Priest, especially in the Ambrosian Rite, if it could be in the Rite of 1954 only. However, I do not speak Italian very well, and I am Roman Rite. Can a Roman Rite switch Rites to the Ambrosian Rite? Is the Ambrosian Rite celebrated anywhere in the world other than Italy and Switzerland? Do the Ambrosians still have the Minor Orders, as well as Tonsure? If one is an Ambrosian Rite Catholic, are they obligated to fulfill their Sunday and Holy Day Obligations at a Roman Rite church if they are out of the jurisdiction of the Ambrosian Rite? Thank you.

JPSonnen said...

Yes, you can become Ambrosian rite; although priests with this faculty are bi-ritual anyways.

You will have to learn Italian well.

It will have to be your vocation.

No bishop today will ordain you in the old Ambrosian rite.

The Ambrosian rite can be celebrated by those priests of the See of Milan where ever they are in the world (ie Rome).

The rite can be celebrated in what was formerly the old Duchy of Milan (which includes some parts of Ticino, Switzerland).

Of course Sunday obligation can be met with any approved rite.