Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally, a perfect reprint of the old Divine Office...

Yours truly was gifted with this glorious two-volume set (real leather bound) just yesterday (right on time for my b-day!).
Every Catholic family is to have this in their home. This enables the family to pray together with the Church each hour of the day.
It's expensive, but a must and worth every penny.
See here and buy it NOW:


Anonymous said...

Every family MUST have a Breviary in Latin!?
Can you come back from fairy land and grace us with mature comments rather than patronising ones.

Raphaela said...

See? Didn't I tell you it was gorgeous?

And: felicem natalem tibi! (I had no idea. Nobody tells me anything!)

Anonymous said...

Is there one here in your library I could use?
medictation I just read:
You shall see in heaven how your desolations on earth will be made up: Jesus is realizing his work in your soul:let yourself be made and unmade: unmade with a smile, loving your actual situation what ever it may be.
Be faithful in your spiritual dryness, in drought, in the Gethsemane of the soul, and "he who must come, will come". When? When He pleases to do so, but do not doubt His love, His preference for you among your brothers, among thousands of souls.
You have been a chosen soul for Jesus.
I miss you so much
much love, blessings and my prayers

Anonymous said...

These two volumes are featuring a very good quality. They are even partly hand-made. Unfortunately there are a few mistakes in writing (look at the Feast of St. Agnes, for example), but they actually don't matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost consumed with jealousy, except that I am waiting for the Baronius reprint which will have the Latin side-by-side with English... but congratulations on what seems to be a fine, fine reprint.

Father said...

The first Anonymous is blunt but I have to agree with him. I doubt that there is any family in the know universe that uses the 62' Latin Breviarium Romanum for "family prayer time".

But I have this edition of the breviary and I can attest, at least for a priest/seminarian/religious/breviary fan that it is magnificent and that Nova et Vetera has done a great service for the Church.

JPSonnen said...

Catechesis (teach)!

Smiley said...

nest pas in anglias. i just got the simple one in english. i agree one needs ot pray this daily cause you run out of words after some time. how many times can you ask god for the same thing you know Hes listening but He works on his time. this is good but its in latin i don't know Latin i like hearing Latin mass but i don't get a word of it. BUt they sing the Novus Ordo mass in latin and that i really like. i have by hearted the pater noster