Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ascona: New Age capital of the world...

St. Charles Borromeo was born on the shores of a lovely lake called Lago Maggiore. On the same lake, in Switzerland, is this resort town called Ascona (
For over a hundred years Ascona has been the so-called New Age capital of the world. New Agers have flocked to the Monte Verità overlooking Ascona for generations (
The answer to the New Age threat is catechesis.
The last and only Catholic bulwark in Ascona is the old Collegio di Santa Maria della Misericordia ( Pray and do penance that this school might shine as a beacon of catechesis to teach, guide and instruct the ignorance of youth in that pocket of the world that all might come to see the genius of Catholic truth.
Admire this nice banner, too, and offer a prayer that this "Apostleship of Prayer of the Eucharistic Crusade" (Crociatine S. Sabina) might be revived in a hurry and that the right man might do it: Moore, Don Moore.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! Procession through the town, Eucharistic adoration!!! Let's do it! don Moore!