Saturday, August 09, 2008

Virginity is holy...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these wonderful postis showing real nuns, monks, friars, priests, and brothers in the traditional habits. These are our real religious (not the aged habitless nuns or slovenly clerical shirt priests).
It's so encouraging to see so many Orders in full habits in Rome. It's encouraging, but also sad alittle bit.
Because we rejoice when we see priests, monks, nuns, brothers, or friars in the traditional habits....but at one time it was commonplace, expected, the norm.
Can you imagine the sights of Rome, anytime before the disaster of Vatican II and it's aftermath, but especially the glory days of the modern Catholic Church (1946-58) during the last 12 years of Pius XII's reign! Thousands of priests in soutanes, tens of thousands of nuns in every type of habit and color and design you could imagine, thousands of seminarians studying in Rome all in the distinctive soutanes which designated their Pontifical Colleges.
The German College had red, the USA had blue, the Pontifical Roman College had violet, the Scots College, purple.
And the Papal ceremonies during that time were too wonderful to describe. No one would believe it.