Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teach your kids Catholic culture: the extras...

It's funny how selective memory works, but I'll always remember the fun party my friends hosted in 2003 for the 100th anniversary of the election of Pius X. It was held in Minneapolis, off the creek, and it was a blast and oh so Catholic. To this day I say a hearty "thank you" to the guys who hosted it. In fact, one of the girls who was there has since joined the convent.
On the Pope's birthday or anniversary of his election to the throne of Peter host a nice German dinner at your table. Inspire your kids, your spouse and others. Live the Faith! The photo above is of a German dinner hosted in Italy in honor of the Pope, long may he reign (perhaps the only German thing about it was the beer, but to be ecumenical brie from France was eaten along with scamorza from Italy!).

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