Friday, August 01, 2008

Bring back the old papal stemma image on silk!

Hasn't been done since the sixties, but let's see if some Italian firms in the north can carry the torch and print/imitate the likeness of again on bolts of silk the arms of the reigning pontiff so as to make some wicked-cool vestments!


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Those aren't prints. They're damask.

The difference is that prints are stamped in dye on the cloth; damask is a pattern woven into the cloth.

AdamZ said...

There is a set of chasubles at the Vatican, made of ivory coloured damask, which feature the arms of Paul VI. They were worn by the concelebrants at the Mass on New Year's Day, 2008.

Anonymous said...

A punto. Those sets are used (from the '60s or maybe 70s).