Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Election year: vote pro-life...

Tell anybody you vote pro-life and watch the response: an eruption of fury.

Point of meditation: the hatred with which the world has constantly pursued His disciples:

You shall be hated by all men for My name's sake (Matt. x: 22).


Lauren P. said...

Friends of mine are rallying for Catholics and Christians everywhere to add sacrifice and prayer to the preparations for Election Day:

Please join us!

Anonymous said...

Although it's good to encourage Catholics to vote pro-life, but I have to say it's really out of line when it's obvious who the party/candidate of pro-life is. McCain.

This candidate is a flag-waving lunatic. Despite his pro-life stance, he would have the USA be champion of the free world, and go all around the world with troops to bring freedom to any number of little countries supposedly suffering under tyrants. Who really cares about them, considering how our own country has been ruined by the disaster of Iraq?
He would engage terrorist nations, or provoke Russia, NOrth Korea, and Iran. That's sick.
He doesn't have a diplomatic bone in his body.
All he knows is how to wave the flag and shout at the top of his lungs "USA, USA, USA".
Those who support this image (mostly red-necks from the South), are likewise mental.
So, it is good to support pro-life candidates. I;m pro-life.
But you gotta look at his.their other stances....which especially with regards to foreign diplomacy is absolutely Neanderthal.
We've had enough of the ignorant "good ol' boy" USA mentality from Bush. We don't need four more years of that from McCain, who at one time last year joked that he'd nuke Iran.
That's too sick for words.

Your site is great about the Church, but I sure as H--- hope that you would not support the lunatic right-wingers (Bush, Rove, McCain, Cheney) etc.
Clinton would have been good....nut now it's Obama and Biden !!!!

Anonymous said...

This may help give some guidance and clarity to the issues involved in this election. One can argue and debate reasonably over serious national issues such as war, immigration and health care. (for example, there are good reasons when war is justified (just war theory) and other times when it is not) However, there can be no debate over one issue which is fundamental to human rights and civilization. The deliberate killing of innocent people is always wrong. And who are the most helpless and innocent of human beings ?