Wednesday, August 06, 2008

To our priests and nuns: thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

So the priests/brothers I think are Passionists...what order were the nuns?

Thanks again for the blog, John, it's so neat seeing the cool stuff that goes on in the Eternal City. Can't wait to go for a semester in January!!!

Anonymous said...

Alot more religious wearing traditional style habits than I thought in Rome! Notice, it's 95% all the young people doing it, not the elders (50+).
Here in the USA, and in pictures of Europe, I have not seen a liberal radical "habitless" nun from any of several hundreds of communities younger than 65-75!
That says something of their agenda and direction .

Christina said...

Yes that is the Passionist symbol they are wearing. Let's recall St Paul of the Cross, St Gabriel Possenti, patron of youth and handguns, unofficially, and St Gemma Galgani, the brilliant, beautiful model of purity for today's young women --- or she should be!!

Anonymous said...

John!!! I know those Nuns! They are good friends of mine! Great to see them on your blog!

John Paul Sonnen said...

Passionists from Spain.

And these nuns were the best I've ever seen - each had a glow. They're from the Philippines and their joy was wonderful.