Monday, August 18, 2008

Lament and pray for the dead: Flavia Montefiore...

The most painful funeral I ever attended was this one on August 9. Angels do exist. Flavia was 5. Consumed with grief with her untimely death hundreds attended the burial rite. The priest whispered the sermon. Flavia's mother wept and her father saluted the crowd with a wave.
The exceedingly painful moment was at the end when all crowded around the tiny white coffin. Even Flavia's friends were there. Before the departure for the cemetery countless white balloons were released into the air and in that moment I caught site of the nuns who began to moan as they wept. The nuns always loved us first and loved us the most. May their hearts be ever rewarded as always.


Anonymous said...

I'm Alessia, Flavia's cousin, and I found by chance this article only today, which is obviously very painful to read since I was there on that terrible day and I personally lived all the hard moments before the tragic event of her death.
I would like to ask the reason why you were at the funeral on that day and why did you decide to report such a fact?
Thank you,

John Paul Sonnen said...


ciao e grazie dell'messaggio. io vivo a s. marinella e le suore mi hanno invitato. sono un giornalista.

e' stato triste. io prego per la tua famiglia e per l'anima di flavia. questa ragazzina e' un angelo tra i angeli in cielo. flavia, prega per noi...


gianni (johnny)