Saturday, August 02, 2008

To our lovely sisters: thank you!

"Bishops and other superiors of monasteries of nuns shall take special care that nuns, as they are admonished in their constitutions, confess their sins and receive the most holy Eucharist at least once a month, so that they may fortify themselves by that salutary safeguard valiantly to overcome all the assaults of the devil. In addition to the ordinary confessor, the bishop and other superiors shall provide twice or three times a year an extraordinary one, whose duty it shall be to hear the confessions of all."
-Council of Trent, 25th Session, Reform of Regulars, Chapter 10, anno 1563.


Anonymous said...

Aren't these Brigittine nuns? But without the distinctive witih cap with the five red circlets commemorating the wounds of Jesus Christ? If they have discarded this, that's not so good. Can more modifications be far off? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

No. Suore Brigidine can be seen here:

Anonymous said...

brigittine nuns don't usually wear the crown outside of the convent