Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UST - Online Petition for TLM at UST...

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So, the petition to the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul for considering the start of the TLM on campus has over 80 signatures thus far - considering that it hasn't really been very well advertised, that's pretty dang good I'd say!

Now, according to the Aquin (student newspaper, linked above), the petition has been moved online. Of course the article's author didn't give a link to it, nor could I find a link to it anywhere on the UST website... But Google came through again - Click here for the Online Petition for current UST students (I'd say alumni too, who are in the area and would go!) and faculty.

Honestly, I'd even say if you are a resident of the area who would attend, sign it too. UST is always talking about "community relations", so say something in the comments about how this would improve the relationship with UST's neighbors and would "celebrate diversity" between the students and their surrounding community. Sign today!

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The TLM at wouldn't that be something!