Sunday, May 04, 2008

The mighty Fiorenzo Cardinal Angelini...

In Rome he was born in 1916, ordained priest in 1940 and this is where he found himself on that tragic day in 1944 when Rome was bombed.
Can you see him in the photo?! Fr. Angelini was a first-responder to the bombed mess in the San Lorenzo neighborhood and with him was the Pope himself, Pius XII.
Fr. Angelini still lives today, only now he's a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church and may the Lord of History bless and reward him always!


Alfaraz said...

Magnificent pic of Pius XII.
It would be wonderfull to obtain another one completes!



Anonymous said...

This is really an extraordinary and historical picture and the best is that one of the oersones portraited is still alive (the then Fr Fiorenzo Angelini, today Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. Rudolphus.