Wednesday, May 07, 2008

EWTN/FSSP Mass video: a must for your family...

I ask every Catholic family to please purchase this DVD set and watch it together as a family: .

Kids grow up quick. I can still remember when in 1993 I hurridly cut out the paper add in the Wanderer for the instructional film of the Tridentine rite entitled, "The Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven." With great excitement I mailed in my $35 cash and felt so proud the moment the VHS arrived. Then, in 2004, I had the honor meet and thank the same Italian priest who is the celebrant in the 1991 video and we remain friends today.

I was in the eighth grade in 1993. Invest in the youth. They connect with the sacred even more than adults. In some cases it's even too late with adults - and then only remedial help can be initiated.

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Kieron Wood said...

Great to hear that you met Fr Vallauri, who is now working with the Sons of Divine Providence in Pompeii outside Rome. It's difficult now to imagine the risks he took by agreeing to feature as the celebrant in my video. Thanks to him, hundreds of priests have learned to celebrate Mass in the traditional form.