Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thirty years: abortion in Italy...

As of May 22 abortion has been legal in Italy for 30 years. This past May 22 there was a giant anti-abortion rally held in Rome.

Each year there are about 140,000 abortions in Italy (now you know something which perhaps as many as 99.9% of Italians don't even know).

The abortion industry is corporate, in large part American, and it cannot last for long. Be confirmed in your pro-life efforts and know that we are many.

They say that Piux X died in 1914 with a broken heart over WWI. Others say that Paul VI died in 1978 with a broken heart over legal abortion.


Anonymous said...

Quick question, what does that Gandhi quote say? I would be interested as I am a Gandhian and a Catholic.

JPSonnen said...

"It seems clear to me like the light of day that abortion is a crime."