Thursday, March 29, 2007

The tomb of Cardinal Ottaviani...

Al Card. Ottaviani was a born leader. It is said that his gift was to get those around him to perform at the top of their talent. He was resilient and energizing and even inspires us from the grave.

The cultural revolution overwhelmed many Catholics of that epoch. Having been schooled in the history of the Church, His Eminence saw this unsurpassable tidal wave coming and so he did what all good helmsmen do, he shouted: "To the Alamo and let the games begin!"

The killjoy enemies of the Church are many. Everything good in Europe shoots from the Christian root. Why replace this root? The ever-greater Catholic voice was Card. Ottaviani and may he continue to teach each us not to be a tool of despairing optimism while at the same time to have a sense of humor in the face of the freak attacks on the Church.

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