Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beatus Carolus E Domo Austriae...

I offered prayers to our Lord in front of this oil on canvas in the Opus Dei parish in Vienna (Peterskirche). Such an honour that I even once met his son, Otto, in Rome.


Marketa said...

Thank you for posting that. I'm from Czech Republic and Karl was last czech king.
But it's very interesting that history of czech kingdom begin with St. Wenceslao in 9th century and ended with B. Carolus in 20th century...saints on both parts, the only saint rulers in our history

Marax said...

Hi JP,

I am from the Philippines. I really like the photo you took of the Opus Dei headquarters in your Feb 13 post.

If it is ok with you, could you give me permission to post your photo at Wikipedia so it can be used for the Opus Dei article. Of course, once you give permission it can already be used by everybody, but I assure you it will do a lot of good.

You can reply here or at my blog:


JPSonnen said...

ciao and thanks for the note. in vienna did you visit the kapuzinergruft to see the tombs of the royal family?

yes, you can use/have any of the photos for whatever you like. i took them all myself for the internet world.

Marax said...

Thanks a lot, JPSonnen!!!

Keep up the great work you're doing.