Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweet nuns in Venice...

In this epoch when so many of our sisters have sought to forego the religious habit (each piece of which is blessed and carries a meaning), I just had to thank our Blessed Lord for this witness to us brethren on the canals of Venice.


Shawn said...

John Paul, if you see this, can you email me right away? (I can't seem to find your email address on here.)

Mine is:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful habit! And such young nuns.
I have noticed, both in Rome and elsewhere that the Orders of nuns that continue to wear the traditional habit such as this have a very high proportion of young sisters, while on the other hand, those which have abandoned the holy habit in favor of layclothes (99% of USA Orders of nuns, plus very many in Europe), have very aged memberships and rapidly decreasing numbers...and no vocations.
You'd think the liberal Orders would take the hint by now that their on the wrong extinction.