Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rome Holy Week 2007 in Tridentine Rite...

The Triduum rites in the Classical Roman Rite will be held this year at the Church of Santa Maria dell'Orazione e Morte on the Via Giulia, near to Piazza/Palazzo Farnese.
Maundy Thursday: 6:30 pm
Good Friday: 6:30 pm
Holy Saturday: 10:30 pm
Easter Sunday: yet to be announced
N.B. The rites will be held in this larger church so as to accomodate the crowds. Tenebrae will be held at 9:00 am at the Church of San Gregorio dei Muratori.


From Dublin said...

Travelling to Rome from Ireland for Holy Week. I really want to make the most out of the week - the Mass times are a great help. Thanks.

I know that I'll miss out on Tenebrae in Dublin (featuring Allegri's Miserere). Can I be sure of getting the same in Rome?

Kasztorr said...

You'll be luck to get Allegri, although Fr. Joseph can arrange virtually anything.

Too bad the Tenebrae couldn't be held there too. We did it with Victoria (the Maestro Corrado ensenble) at S.M. del O e M. in 2000. The late great Mgr. de Lalande d'Olce was the celebrant for Holy Thursday and, at one point, there was this HUGE BANG! I can't remember what it was. Gregory might remember.

JPSonnen said...

i think it'll be the normal liber usualis tenebrae. it'll be 9 am at san gregorio dei muratori on the via lecossa thurs., fri. and sat.