Monday, September 03, 2007

L'arte racconta...

My most favorite painting is La Prima Messa (The First Mass), done in 1887 by the Spanish artist José Alcázar Tejedor. Does anybody know where I can order this image? Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

JP, only at the Prado museum shop. Meanwhile, how about this one:

Anonymous said...


Does this painting depict the first Mass in Pensacola,Florida, in the year of 1559?


Anonymous said...

It is indeed, a lovely picture.

The original is located at the Prado Museum in Madrid; you might be able to obtain a copy from their shop. See details below.


Photographic Laboratory

High quality photographic material of the Prado Museum's Great Works



For more information about prices or available material write to the Servicio Comercial (Commercial Service)
Fax: 34 1 330 28 90

Good luck,


John Paul Sonnen said...


thanks for the above link of the lovely painting, but thats not the one im looking for.

the one that i like - that ive seen in italy - was painted in spain of a spanish mass with the cleric, his parents, attendants, etc. at the end.

thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

I believe the one you are interested in hangs in Saint Charles Seminary, Overbrook in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
It is very large but with digital photography being what it is these days, perhaps someone could photograph it and send you a copy?

Anonymous said...


Take a look at Victor Meirelles' painting,"First Mass in Brazil".


Anonymous said...

I, too, am looking for a copy of La Prima Messa. I have seen it at Saint Charles Seminary in Philadelphia. Too large in too small a space to photograph there. Have you had any luck finding it, other than from the Prado?