Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton our next president...?

Now that I'm back in the New World for summer I hear all the news about election year now.

When our new Holy Father wrote his first encyclical letter, Deus Caritas Est, he wrote some really nice things about politics. Read section 28. Here he gives the ancient Greek definition of politics:

"Justice is both the aim and the intrinsic criterion of all politics. Politics is more than a mere mechanism for defining the rules of public life: its origin and its goal are found in justice, which by its very nature has to do with ethics."

With ethics and justice in mind, let's vote pro-life, fellow Christians. Abortion: one dead and one wounded.


Anonymous said...


Which candidate would you like to see win the Presidency?

John Paul Sonnen said...

I am a single issue voter and so I only vote pro-life although I can admit that I have become a "monarchist" in recent years.

Anonymous said...


Well, like a brilliant politician you did not answer the question.

Do you like any of the candidates?

John Paul Sonnen said...

Just between the two of us, Hillary Clinton is slime and I don't fancy any of the candidates. I voted twice for W. I'll vote for the pro-life guy with the best chance to get elected and hope that he will deliver with some more good (pro-life) supreme court justice nominations but where's Allen Keys when you need him?

Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts on Rudy Giuliani? Would you vote for him if the election was between him and Clinton? -Al

John Paul Sonnen said...

rudy's slime: he's pro-abortion and he cheated on his wife and then it all came public so he left her.