Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heartland America...

The bishop preaches the sermon. The acclamation of the multitudes is for this prelate. In fact, his greatness is overwhelming.

He was a student in Rome in the 1950s. He was there to see the old processions with the "bussolanti" in scarlet and behind them the Grand Almoner, flanked by the two Swiss Guards, ...chamberlains of honor, chamberlains "with mantle and sword," all in black, with stiff white ruffs, the auditors of the papal courts and the masters of the Apostolic palaces; one more auditor, in a long white robe, carrying the papal cross, with seven acolytes, carrying bronze candelabra; the door-keepers in red, the penitentiaries of St. Peter in white chasubles; mitred abbots, then bishops, then archbishops and patriarchs and cardinals...ah, the good old days!

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Anonymous said...

Indeed in those days he would have seen the Noble and Palatine Guards, too. Would like to hear the Palatine Guard playing Silveri's march of victory with its martial strains