Monday, November 12, 2007

Una Voce International Rome Conference...

Good news from Moravia and Bohemia! Una Voce Czech Republic has a great publication called Te Deum. See here to support: .


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to tell but even if TeDeum is traditional magazine, it is also Lefebvreists-leaned. People publishing there have often the same viewpoint and support Society os St.Pius X.

df said...

Having the same viewpoint as the SSPX is often a very good thing, since in almost all things they are clearly Catholic - much more clearly Catholic than the Bishops and the diocesan publications they come up with (and there are far too many examples of this to go through here).

It must also be admitted that we Roman Catholics are allowed to support the SSPX (even go to their Masses, receive Communion and give them financial support - according to Rome herself!), so long as in so doing we do not intend to support or enter into any schism that they might be in.

Support the oppressed Catholics in the Czech Republic!