Sunday, November 25, 2007

Roma Festival Barocco: Sung Pontifical Mass...

Last Thursday, November 22, Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos sang Pontifical High Mass in the Tridentine rite at the Roman church of S. Ivo alla Sapienza. The music was fabulous and the church was packed with an overflowing crowd.
This Mass was the beginning event of the Roma Festival Barocco which is being held in Rome until December 1. The festival aims to bring Baroque music into its original setting of Baroque churches and palaces (
At the behest of the festival organizers the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter was invited to assist at the Mass.


Albert said...

The Usus Antiquior is the way to go. Its expression of classical (Greco-Roman) culture is the perfect, almost timeless expression of human creativity at its highest levels both in thought, art and prayer. The UA is the precursor and at times the prefiguration of heaven and Europe needs it more than ever

M. Alexander said...

This looks like such a nice blog! I posted the article about Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos saying the Traditional Mass in Rome on our website:

Would you consider giving us a link? We have news articles, and database of Latin Masses so that you can search for a Mass near you using your zip code.
God bless,
Mary Alexander

JPSonnen said...

God bless yo always. Sure, I'll put you as a link - soon. All the best!