Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Roma Festival Barocco: Sung Pontifical Mass...

Here's the best photo I have of the Pontifical Mass (courtesy of my good Italoamerican friend, M.B.).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, John!!

patrimonio said...

The great loss of the modern age is this iconography only seen in these now lost rites.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarilly lost rites. THanks to Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI, these rites and the Tridentine Latin Mass has better chance of surviving and thriving, despite the underhanded liberal bishops who are doing all they can to destroy it.
I have friends in Europe too, who are traditional-minded Catholics. They have told me that since the Motu Proprio, the Catholic Faith especially among devout young people has been energized in a way JP II and his mega-circus Masses at St. Peters'etc. never could.
It's a groundswell of support for the Tridentine Latin Mass, a devotion which will grow rapidly, and which the modernist liberal bishops can't squash.
We should all pray to the Lord that Benedict XVI is sustained in health and strength, and accomplishes alot more towards restoring Catholic tradition. Because the reaction to his initiatives bringing back the Tridentine Latin Mass have been overwhelmingly good among the Faithful, and movements like this back to Catholic Faith is a source of great hope for the Church.
So these rites are not lost at all. They were wrecklessly misplaced 40 years ago by a Pope and clergy who had no respect for them, but are now thankfully restored!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Patrimonio is quite right to speak of the loss of these rites as "the great loss of the modern age".

But these rites were "lost" forty years ago.

Now, in 2007, since Pope Benedict issued "Summorum Pontificum", these rites are being restored.

Slowly, and bit by bit, but most wonderfully, the restoration is under way.

Deo gratias.