Sunday, November 18, 2007

Huge Tridentine rite Mass to be sung in Rome..

The Italians are already saying it will be la madre ti tutto quanto (the mother of all) liturgies. You've asked for it and so here it is and hope you can all be there on the Feast of Saint Cecilia.

His Eminence Dario Castrillon Hoyos, Prefect of the Pontifical Commission Eccleisa Dei, will sing a Solemn Pontifical High Mass in the Tridentine rite this coming Thursday, November 22 at the Roman parish of St. Ivo alla Sapienza (Corso Rinascimento, 40) at 7:00 p.m.

This Mass is being organized by the Roma Festival Barocco ( and the schola cantorum which will sing at the Mass will be the Schola Gregoriana - Ensemble Festina Lente.

Hope to see you all there (or watch for the photos)!


Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...

Anyone broadcasting this? Or do you know anyone taping it?

karmalight said...

JP, I'm a clergy convert who studied the Tridentine Mass as part of music history class. I can read Latin, sing Latin notation, and I know how to participate in the pre-conciliar Latin Mass of Paul VI, thanks to experience in singing with Latin scholas. But, when I recently attended (assisted, participated, whatever...) a weekday Latin Mass celebrated by one of the FSSP priests in our Archdiocese, I felt greatly distracted. The people seemed to be in the greatest hurry to mumble through their prayers; it was impossible for me to participate prayerfully... and I don't necessarily mosey along at a monastic pace (if you know what I mean). In fact, I even talked to the associate pastor of the parish (the FSSP priest) about it. Father told me that he was disappointed to hear that the parishioners were rushing through the liturgy, and I've pretty much decided not even to attempt to participate in a full, conscious and active way. Why even attempt it? Got any thoughts to share sia in Italiano sia in Inglese?

Deb, ocds
p.s. what happened to Amy Welborn's blog?
p.p.s. pls tell Reggie his busy bee from Indy says hi! I'll send more news via mio buon babbo, Padre F-M Lethel...

Anonymous said...

This event is "huge" because it's going against the prefabricated ideologies and platitudes that have been blocking it for the past 4.5 years (May 2003 was the last time this was done). It is further "huge" because distasteful and roughneck powers that be in Rome have been and continue to be against this (while at the same time their free and easy compromises are many). Unsavory liberals in the Roman Curia can enjoy their consternation this coming Thanksgiving Day!

Anonymous said...

Also, if it were not for the blog world revolution something as nice as this might even have gone unpublicized.

JPSonnen said...

Amigo, I don't know if they will film it, but I sure hope so. If they do I'll see if I can get it on YouTube.

Deb, after your baptism, you will always participate in the rites in a "full conscious way" as long as you are present there (as long as you can audibly hear the rites).

When I attend TLM I don't speak as the altar boy says the responses for me as our representative in the holy of holies. I just put myself in a state of mental prayer.

Amy Welborn is a wife and mother and perhaps she now has a greater focus on her home. Yes, I'll tell Reggie hi from you when I see him.

Cornelio said...

Excellent news, thanks.
Just an answer: does anyone know if this is going to be a Pontifical High Mass at the throne, or a Mass at the faldstool?

Anonymous said...

Faldstool as in Loreto last September.