Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Vrbs Capvt Orbis: the eagle has landed...


Many thanks!

For the Lord Jesus was with His apostles as He had promised (Cf. Mt. 28:20) and sent to them as Paraclete the Spirit Who would lead them into the fullness of truth (cf. Jn. 16:13)...

With the continued pervading tone of change in the Church today this blog has always sought to introduce youth to their Catholic inheritance and to encourage some to study in Roma Beata. Catholics must be taught how to be Catholic. They must connect with Rome.

Many thanks to everybody for the advice and I ask to first hear Holy Mass and after I will make a quick decision and let everybody know asap.

Union of prayers,

Datum Romae

PS 70 yrs ago today was the outbreak of WWII. Pray and do penance.


Curiosus Omnium Rerum Spectator said...

Dear John, please do not leave us without the richness of ORBIS CATHOLICVS. Maybe you could create a new blog called ROMA CAPVT MVNDI or something similar. May the Lord illuminate you in the Holy Mass to continue yhe "bonum certamen" on the web. I pray our beloved Pius XII to intercede for you. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

You are one of those who teaches the young how to be Catholic..I keep checking back to see if there will be a new address or website in which you will continue with God's Grace to educate and brighten many a day.


Alfaraz said...




Anonymous said...

We neeed you e we will wait for your return. God gave us new technologies: let use them to honor Him!!!

Anonymous said...

More '30s couture!

Anonymous said...

Are you people serious with these comments "We NEED you" etc. It's a nice blog which I enjoyed also but these comments are way over the top.