Sunday, February 01, 2009

World's greatest living latinist: prayers requested...

Everybody has been asking for an update on Fr. Foster.

Back in Rome from Puglia I went late this afternoon to visit Reggie.

This morning he went in for heart surgery, as a doctor explained. When I saw him after he was resting and asleep.

Reggie is no longer at Fatebenefratelli, but is now at the European Hospital on the Via Portuense (bus 228 from Stazione Trastevere and the driver can tell you where to get off on the Via Portuense). I.C.U. visiting hours are from 7 -8 pm.

In the presence of Reggie I prayed, aloud in Latin. The grace of his Baptism was invoked as well as the grace of his Confirmation and Holy Orders. St. Reginald and St. Thomas were invoked as well as his Confirmation saint. May his Guardian Angel and all Angels surround and protect him at this time as always!

Please, everybody still pray for the health and well-being of Fr. Reggie Foster, the world's greatest living latinist.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

I will. But doesn't Fr. Foster hate Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass?

Seems like a contradiction in terms to be the worlds greatest Latinist in the Church, and yet hate the traditional Latin Mass. And prefer the Novus Ordo...ugh.

Anyway, prrayers to a speedy recovery for Fr. Foster.

qualcosa di bello said...

every. single. day.!

Anonymous said...

Prayers every night Ad Completorium.

Anonymous said...

Gratias tibi, Domine Sonnen, quia nos de praesentiis Patris Reginaldi certiores semper facis. Orbem totum catholicum pro Patre suppono Deo preces effundere.