Thursday, April 02, 2009

The good guys: support them...

Ruskij Sion has posted an interesting article about a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest, whom I have had the pleasure to meet at University in Rome, and the “untold story” about his battle against corruption within his religious Order in Ukraine.

See here:

Fr. Gregory Hrynkiw is a devote religious that has given his life to serve Christ within the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. He is also a scholar and theology professor, who continues to labour joyfully in Christ’s vineyard.

If you feel called to support this good priest, whose life has been twice threatened, please contact him at:

Fr Gregory Hrynkiw
127 Morrison Drive
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
S3N 4A7


Anonymous said...

I personally know his parents. I went to the same church as they and attended his ordination. He is a Basilian Monk/Priest.
Small world... small indeed!
Yorkton,SK, CANADA

Marko Stefaniuk said...

Father Gregory Hrynkiw was my first mentor that fostered my vocation to the diaconate and challenged me to be and live my life as a practicing Catholic. I will not be able to repay him in this lifetime for what he did for my faith. I only wish him all of God's graces and blessings in his future and hope and pray that God will clean up the mafia corruption in the basilian order in Ukraine ending this spiritual battle once and for all to show that good always triumphs over evil; those that are in the wrong, their time is limited. Glory be to Jesus Christ forever!!!

Rod Zeaton said...

I truly hope that Father Gregory reads these posts from time to time.

I am an old friend from high school at St Vladimir's College.

Know that you and your efforts are in my thoughts and prayers often Father Gregory. May God continue to work through you and other good people of the faith.

Your brother in Christ,

Rod Zeaton

Sandra Leskow said...

Fr. Gregory is one of the finest and sincerest priests that I have ever known,I wish him well and continue to pray for him,it is hard to stand up for your faith when persecuted but he meets the challenge, and we should be inspired in our faith by his actions. Sandra L, Edmonton Ab Canada

ilya and loralee said...

We attended Fr. Gregory's ordination to the deaconate in Ottawa, Canada in the summer of 1995. Father is an old friend of my wife and we wish him God's Blessing. We keep him firmly in our thoughts and prayers. Mnohaya Lita Oche!

tom pura said...

i went to school with father gregory and his family lived near my family's farm...he's always been a wonderful friend and strong person...i just wish i could read the blog story because it seems to have expired...