Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rome Masses in Latin...

This is the proof. Now Santa Maria degli Angeli has a nice Mass in Latin every Sunday morning, too.
UPDATE: The Santa Maria degli Angeli Mass is in Latin, albeit Novus Ordo. This avviso is for another Rome chapel.


Alfredo de Bonis said...

I remember going to a Solemn High Mass(Mass of Pius V) in a chapel of San Giuseppe il Muratore off the Via Della Scrofa. I heard that this group has been given a church near Piazza Farnese, St.? dei Pelligrini(?) Could you send me some info. I will be in Rome on Sunday April 25. Thanks, Alfredo

JPSonnen said...

Yes, it was San Gregorio dei Muratori, now closed.

Yes, see here for Santissima Trinita' dei Pellegrini: