Sunday, July 30, 2006

Our student dinner in Rome: such a view!

All of us graduate students in Rome enjoyed this end of the year dinner atop the American seminary in Rome. The lovely meal, fellowship, conversation (and view!) was all just the best!

Why do we study in Rome? In our new era of fetal experimentation and in vitro fertilization and everything else, it's great to study the truth, right? In the truth we find human freedom...the foundation of justice...which secures the dignity of the human person...and so the protection of his rights...with an understanding of his duties, etc. While some seek to legitimize, blur, deny or ignore truth, we affirm that there is a truth: an objective, absolute, immutable truth that is God. Without the truth we are slaves in a vacuum condemned to lives of licentiousness, irresponsibility and whim. So you can see, the pursuit of truth is our hobby!

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