Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tailor to the Popes: can be your tailor, too...

If you are a seminarian or priest then surely you must have at least one really quality soutane.
Ten years ago this year I ordered my first cassock from here and it has served me well - it's the finest quality in the world.
So the next time you find yourself in Rome get measured here in the famous back room of the Roman tailor, Signor Gammarelli.
Ditta Annibale Gammarelli
Via Santa Chiara, 34
00186 Roma
Located just behind the Pantheon and in front of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, in the palace of the Accademia.


Mark said...

Thanks for the tip; I will remember that when I need to get my "winter" Soutane.

Anonymous said...

They're not known to be, uh...'moderately' priced.
What's a plain black go for these days?
It'd be helpful if they had a website like Barbiconi or Euroclero/

Anonymous said...

Prices vary according to ones size and type of material.

Anonymous said...

And they take over one year! (Roberto, you know who I am).