Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Latin Liturgy Association: become a member...

Numbers count - support the cause and join here.

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Max Kaiser, Jr. said...

The LATIN LITURGY ASSOCIATION, of which I am a proud life member, helps promote the LATIN LITURGY as well as the historical, magisterial Roman Catholic culture--presenting the Church as inspired continuity rather than disjuncture.
(This is a unique characteristic which many younger Catholics who discover the Latin Liturgy experience within it that may not come out of their conventional parish experiences).

ALSO, the LATIN LITURGY brings out the best of the Church's repository of historical art, architecture, music and liturgy which helps give the faithful a sense of enduring tradition and continuity that is particularly Catholic and unfortunately lacking in many Catholic people's experience of worship--and I might add that this same quality attracts non-Catholics that may be searching for a sense of the transcendent found in the art, liturgy, music and tradition of Roman Catholicism as evidenced in the Latin Liturgy that is different from their experiences!

Supporting the Latin Liturgy Association (LLA) as a member or a donor helps assure this continuity in the Church in the United States, and even worldwide.

Max S. Kaiser, Jr.
(2206 LLA Convention Vice-Chair)