Thursday, August 06, 2009

The eagle has landed: dopo due anni...

After two years in Europe the eagle has landed in the New World.

Two things I noticed in the gateway airports: all Asians and all overweight Americans.

And Americans read fiction; airport books are now mostly cheap fiction (with lots on Michael Jackson, too).

The new America is Asian. Immigration thanks to abortion. These are people who for centuries have worshiped devils and demons. U.S. Immigration will take any alternative to Christianity and the anti-Mexican polemic continues. "Diversity" spelled backwards reads "no to Christianity."

Do your part to save what bits are left and homeschool your kids.


Anonymous said...

Sadly US Catholics rant against Mexican immigration.

Anonymous said...

The rants are against out of control ILLEGAL immigration which is destroying our nation.

Mhar Angelo said...

"These are people who for centuries have worshiped devils and demons."

Who? Asians or Americans?

Do not generalize. What about Saint Thomas Christians from India and we Filipinos?

longpantslance said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a DC public school teacher and live with this every day.

Gus said...

I agree that we should be promoting, not rejecting, more legal immigration from Latin America, especially because they share the same Catholic faith and a similar western culture. Immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America are preventing the decline of the American population and are sustaining the growth of the Catholic one. Thanks be to God.
However, I disagree with the characterization of Asians. Many are actually very devout Catholics. Indian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese come to mind. And of course, Filipinos; they actually form one of the most orthodox Catholic Churches in the world.
This is also true for many Africans who are also orthodox Catholics.
The real problem is not whether immigration is Asian or African, etc but whether the immigrants are Catholics (or at least Christian or Jewish) or whether they hold religious and cultural views that are fundamentally anti-western and anti-American. To my understanding only one group really fits that mold and they are the ones whose immigration into North America and Western Europe should be very much curtailed.
Pax et Bonum

Anonymous said...

Whites have the most abortions.