Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The tiara: what to have done with it...

This photo was taken at the Greek rite monastery of St. Nilo in Grottaferrata, near Rome.
And we all know what happened to the tiara: it was killed.
But some have now suggested that instead of just ignoring it or not using it, as four popes have now done, it would have been better to have gone back to its just having its original single crown as seen here.
That way it might have had a better chance of surviving.


Mitch Palmquist said...

Would be very cool if he would again pick up the Tiara. However, is it really a tiara if it only has one crown??? ;-)

Perfectior said...

Do you know, please, the name of the Pope depicted on the photograph?

Could you post other images from the treasures of Grottaferrata?

Thank you.

JPSonnen said...

Not sure who the pope is, but I've got lots of photos from Grottaferrata and I'll gladly post them sometime.

Richard Truman Michael said...

The vestment article around the wrist looks very similar to "cuffs" the Eastern Church use.
I have noticed Benedict wear one, once for an Altar Consecration.
I have never seen a Bishop use this before, but I suppose it was just to protect the lace on the alb.