Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Heralds of the Gospel: as seen in Rome...

In the Rome of today one sees these men all over and everybody asks the same question: "Who are these guys?" They are the Araldi di Vangelo (Heralds of the Gospel).

This is their Rome parish of San Benedetto in Piscinula in Trastevere (where St. Benedict once lived).

The Heralds act as a tremendous public witness in the Rome of today. They have members who attend a few Pontifical Universities and so they can often be seen atop the streets of Rome.

They are an "association" of pontifical right and their members are called "associates," who live in communty as celibates. They also have a "priestly branch" as well as "companions," married and single as well as "honorary members" and "supporters" who collaborate with them. They were founded in Brazil, but today are active in many countries. T.F.P. lives!

See thier site here:


Matthew said...

I thought the Heralds came as the result of a split in the several TFPs, and the "original" TFPs are still around, so of course it still "lives."

Anonymous said...

If this group is going to evolve into a community of monks/friars, as the celebate group which lives in community appears to be moving in that direction, I wish they would be told to adjust their "habit" to look like a real monks tunic (ex., lower it to the ankle length). \Because as it is now, it looks like a dress.
And the boots are ridiculous.
Otherwise, I know of this groups work and traditional apostolates and the TLM they foster all time time. They are to be applauded.
Their habit would be abeautiful friars habit if they dropped the hem down to the ankles, and adopted sandals (a la the Discalced Carmelites etc.), in stead of the boots....which reminds me of a marching band.

Anonymous said...

What is/are TFP's?

Anonymous said...

The riding boots look fabulous. The cheap waist chain needs to go, though. The problem is that their women wear the same mens habit.

Geoffrey said...

I think the Heralds of the Gospel are a great organization. There is a wonderful video on YouTube that goes through their habit, explaining each item and its meaning:

Anonymous said...

What is the connection of the Heralds to TFP? I've seen that the U.S. TFP group uses a "ceremonial" habit that is identical to the Herald's version. Do they still consider the organizations linked? It is hard to find any backstory between the TFP and the Heralds on either official sites.

Anonymous said...

Tradition, Family, Property (from South America).

Anonymous said...

The short habit, the boots. All is ridiculous!!!

Nicky said...

That was the same thing that they said about the Franciscans back then.

Why? God does not need to adapt to the world, the world does to His new graces. I think they are succesful so that means they are on the right path, with no unexplainable or secret things like other "important" groups.

About the TFP thing...
I was told, and my research confirms it, that after the founder of the TFP died, there was a division between the ones inclined to sedevacante views and the ones who defended the pope at all costs, and also some bit about the founder always pushing to become a religious order while some only wanted it to stay a club.

The "club" people had the money and power, so they kicked the others (the majority of the TFP.
But since each TFP is autonomous legally, the only countries where the sedevacante people took control was (I think) Brazil, US, France and(Germany?); it was illegal. Then the court battles started so the non-club people did not starve to death. In the end the original brazillian tfp was restored, the others still battling it out.

But to me the most important thing is what the church says, because the courts could be this or that.
The Heralds of the Gospel are approved and very cherished by the Church, the American TFP I believe is working in the US dioceses'without permission and sometimes against the bishop's will and knowledge.

Plus, when you've got young vocations and boots like that means you guys are like the
Franciscans and Jesuits of Old.
People the Pope can count on.

What surprises me is that they don't use the UA. Only NO.

Smiley said...

Yes they say the NO Mass. but with respect. they have genuflections, incense and they say the NO in Latin. These are the good monks and priests in the Catholic Church today. The Heralds are not associated with or affiliated to the TFP

Anonymous said...

I admire this association, they have thier association here in Philippines, but sad to say they are dissolve by thier higher officer, i dnt know the exact reason why they are dissolve in fact they have thier members here a good souls for their community...maybe same problems, hope that they will re establish soon,so that thier member would not be lost in thier spirit,devotion and charism... i love thier habit, is a new version of chivalry, for the Holy Mother church.... because the priest, religious of today are very relax of their vocation....whats tfp???? tfp-us???? association of nothing? not recognised in vatican and church if you see the list of religious association no tfa at all.....