Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Study in Rome...

If you dream to study in Rome and in the Italian language, but don't feel called to study theology or the like, then consider studying at this university, the European University of Rome, operated by the Legionaries of Christ.
VINCE IN BONO MALUM is their motto.


Anonymous said...

John Paul,

I am interested in studying in
Rome. Can you recommend a school
that specializes in Latin (Classical & Medieval), Italian,
New Testament Greek, History, Art
& Music.
I prefer a Catholic setting rather than a saecular one.

Do these schools offer living arrangement with meals?

I appreicate your assistance in this matter.

JPSonnen said...

http://www.unisal.it/ is the school you want to study at in rome. you can get a licentiate and even a doctorate in classical languages there. it's a pontifical university.

you would be on your own to get a flat and provide your own meals. classes are in italian. welcome to rome!