Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bagnasco: Fidei Defensor...

On my knees before the tomb of Pope St. Pius V in the Liberian Basilica I looked up and guess who was praying there, too?
His name is Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco of the See of Genova. He is the president of the Italian bishops conference. This makes his voice, besides that of the Pope, the loudest pro-life and pro-family voice on the peninsula.
The (Bolshevist) media might not like him, but then that's a good sign! God reward him...and protect him.


Anonymous said...


What a great honor! One of the great bishops of our age!

Anonymous said...

He was just named a cardinal of the holy Roman Church as well!

Anonymous said...

BAGNASCO! not Bagnosco. Thank you

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Archbishop Bagnosco !
I say, well done.
You do move in high circles, don't you.

I wonder how he feels about losing Don Guido Marini ..

JPSonnen said...

it was a kind of pun with the bagNO and the title of the english monarch...but i'll change it...thanks!