Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lost customs: the old stemma fabrics...

Places like Genova and Florence used to make these fabulous bolts of "Catholic" fabric. The lower photo is of a vestment while the upper photo is of wall covering from the apostolic palace (taken down in autumn of sixty-three by designers from Milan).
Somebody please forward this post to Archbishop Harvey. Can somebody at the top please commission some fabric maker in the north to remake this rich crimson damask with the stemma of the B16 and try it again in one or two of the rooms upstairs? Just to see how it looks? No harm done, just a prova. It would even look good in an off-white, too.


Anonymous said...

Where did you take that first photo? It's good to know that this beautiful and historic fabric is still being put to good use and wasn't just thrown away. I'm wondering, though, where did it end up?

But of course, it would look a lot better if it was put back up in the papal apartments.

JPSonnen said...

The upper photo was taken at the Rome parish of San Nicola in Carcere. For the feast of San Nicola they put this material up for the titular cardinal's portable throne each December.

The lower photo was taken of a chasuble that for many years was at the Urbanianum College in Rome.

If there's a demand designers will produce and market these old fabric styles again.