Friday, December 05, 2008

Goals: to have read the entire Bible...

How many living persons have read the whole Bible? I asked myself this same question many times while growing up.

Not to sound puffed up, but yt (yours truly) has read the entire Bible cover to cover (Catholic edition), in English. Different people read at different paces, but for yt it took about three months to read the NT and about three years to read the OT.

The Bible is the best read ever! And after the long OT, the gospels appear as gold. And the real theologians are John and Paul and it's priceless to read the letters of Peter.

The best trip I ever made was to the Holy Land and the best book I ever read was the Bible. When pilgrims return from the Holy Land they often say the same thing: "It all came alive and we never read the Bible the same way again."

Read the Bible and visit the soil where Jesus trod and your life will be transformed in many new ways.


Kevin said...

That's a great suggestion. In two years, I hope to find myself in the Holy Land.

By the way, I've read the Bible cover to cover, too. And the NT and most of the Pentateuch from the Vulgate. Can we form a club?

Anonymous said...

Wowee. I do find it hard to read the Bible in order.

However, I often read great long swathes after being made curious by something I read in the Breviary at Matins.

Rachel Gray said...

I *had* read the entire Bible. Then I became Catholic and there were seven more books, and I was kept so busy with daily Mass and Rosaries and Holy Hours that I've yet to find time to get through Sirach. Mea culpa! I need to buckle down and do it!