Monday, December 08, 2008

FSSP Rome Parish: Visit of Cardinal Pell...

Everybody has a favorite cardinal and mine is George Card. Pell of Sydney. He's one of the most gracious prelates you'll ever meet and he's a fine theologian and a born leader. Ordained in 1966 he studied in Rome back in the day and he speaks Italian well. We are proud to know him and proud to have worshiped with him today in the Holy City of Rome. Thank You for the memorable visit, Eminence!


qualcosa di bello said...

you have no idea how much i wish we could have been there!!!

(was that chris i see serving??)

Paul said...

A fine selection of photos John and thank you for your kind words on our Cardinal.

Noted the comments on NLM re the mitre with both amusement and a little dismay. The focus should be on the beauty of the Mass and the manner in which Cardinal Pell celebrates - with dignity and respect.

Aussie Catholic said...

Like most prelates in this country, Cardinal Pell shows very lukewarm interest in the Traditional Church in Australia.
Some call him a 'closet' traditionalist, I would not go that far.
...a real thrill therefore to see Cardinal Pell and Fr. Mark Withoos at the Latin Mass parish in Rome. Please God they will bring a bit of it back home with them !