Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Church of St. Agnes: return to glory...

The famous Church of St. Agnes is where many of us got a start (myself and the famous Fr. Z among others). Our formation was stellar.

Sometimes all it takes is one man. A one man revolution can do it. He was our pastor and his name was Mons. R. J. Schuler, Ph.D. He was a legend (a.k.a. der boss), never to be forgotten (1920-2007).

On Sunday they returned to having a Sung Mass in the Gregorian rite atop the famous Carrara altar of St. Agnes and we hope that this will continue. This is thanks to the continued prayer and holiness of one man, the boss! Fr. Schuler, pray for us!

See these great links with photos:

And a special word of thank you to the cerimoniere of the Mass, Rev. Mr. Harold Hughesdon, RAF pilot of WWII.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

It was a great day, wish you could have been there but I'm sure you were united in prayer.

N. Trandem said...