Monday, June 18, 2007

The Capello Romano...

Here's the boss in the summertime (straw) capello Romano.


Anonymous said...

Sono le grandi tradizioni locali della nostra chiesa!

Anonymous said...

E' il cappello pontificale, con la fascia ricamata d'oro, le falde lievemente rialzate - ma non di velluto, ma di paglia rossa!
W il Papa

Raul said...

Hi JP,

Thanks for your blog, and the photos of Rome and Holy Father. Really brings back many memories of my stay there in the Holy City, made holy by the Pope's presence.

Just a small thing: in your explanation of your blog, you say: My name in John Paul. Perhaps no one has told you this out of respect for the number of hits you get here. I suppose you mean My name is... Just a small thing really.

Marax. :)