Friday, May 25, 2007

Ho bisogno di soldi...

"So the poor have hope." (Job 5:16). I am always impressed by the innate modesty and generosity of those that give. In fact, I continue to study in Rome as a student of the sacred science of theology thanks in large part to those who have been generous and donated through this blog via the PayPal button.

In the summer I am as a hireling with wages. As I often remind myself, God provides for every bird, but He doesn't alwas place it in the nest. My daily prayer is for those who have given generous financial assistance toward my Christian education - I pray you all receive the recompense of your generosity.

In fact, if there is some blessed Christian who in prayer feels prompted to donate $3,000 with urgecy then I can remain in Europe (or in Vladivostok, Russia) this summer so as to continue writing my tessina. I place this intention in the gracious hands of our Lady of Fatima. Grazie per il tuo contributo!


JPSonnen said...

I did find a cheap ticket back home and so i will be going back stateside this summer so as to work (while getting some much needed dental care). meno male!

anyways, to those who feel called in prayer to give to my education fund via this blog i ask that you all might be rewarded a thousand fold in this life as well as in the next! many thanks to everybody!

Anonymous said...

Walt Disney went bankrupt seven times before he met with success so good luck!