Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1920-2007: Monsignor Richard Schuler, Ph.D.

This is me and my pastor last summer as he treated me to lunch in Hopkins. I was always humbled by his graciousness. He loved to sing the Mass and he taught me the Roman rite.

“How I wept, deeply moved by your hymns, songs, and the voices that echoed through your Church! What emotion I experienced in them! Those sounds flowed into my ears, distilling the truth in my heart. A feeling of devotion surged within me, and tears streamed down my face – tears that did me good.”
-St. Augustine: Confessions 9, 6, 14:PL 32, 769-770


Anonymous said...

He was always like a child with the erudition of a Piccolomini and the baton of Cherubini...

Thank you, Master.

JPSonnen said...

I will always feel so blessed for the many acts of his kind solicitude. His sacerdotal dignity was such a source of great joy for him and those of us who were his sons by virtue of our adoptive filiation. He loved the whole Body of Christ, caput et membra, and was so proud to be in persona Christi Capitis. God gave him the grace of final perseverance and may the recompense of God now be his in the reward. Please pray for him.