Thursday, November 02, 2006

Update on Reggie: our Latin is back!

Good news from Fr. Reginald Foster, the Pope's chief latinist. Although his old classroom at Rome's Jesuit University stands empty after his over thirty years of teaching there, his new Latin Institute (Academia Romae Latinitatis) has been invited to hold its classes in a cultural center near to Piazza Venezia located on the Via della Gatta, 6.

The initial meeting of the year will be there on this coming Monday, November 6 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We hope to see everyone there: new and old faces alike. So welcome and spread the word for the cause!

Many will miss Reggie's old Aula XV on the top floor of the "Greg." During class one could sometimes hear l'Inno, the national anthem, being played live at the Quirinale, the residence of the President of Italy.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Love this old school class room.
Great to see that you have found the RSS feed.

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

David Joanni salutem dic.

Gratias tibi ago qui me certiorem fecisti de propositis Patris Foster. Ego et studio Romae circulo cum scholarum ab Universitate Christendomiense in oppidulo Fronte Regia in Virgina sita, tibique condoleo Patrem
Reginaldum a Gregoriano dimissum esse. Programmae radiophonoci ejus diu audiebam et audio. Spero, Deo favente, lectioni feria crastina adesse posse teque ibi fortasse convenire. Postremo congratulations tibi promo
ob diarium tuum interretialem (vulgo 'blog'). Valeas.

Bruce said...

I am a student interested in taking Foster's classes through the school year. Do you know when the classes begin again this fall (I'm in Rome already)?

John Paul Sonnen said...

ciao. yes, his classes will start in late october. i hear that they will be held in or near to largo argentina in rome. i dont have his contact info, but stop by san pancrazio where he lives on the west side of town and you can speak with him there. best of luck!